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In the hopes of reducing sex trafficking in the country, Mexico has given the green light to the decriminalization of mecsico sex work in its capital.

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The legislators obtained a result of with eight abstentions in a vote in Congress on Friday, which favoured a bill to mesico mecsico sex line from the civic culture law that argued for fining prostitutes and their clients as well as for their arrest. These are often unclear, meaning that sex workers can find themselves in legal loopholes that may leave them vulnerable mecsico sex exploitation by criminal groups.

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The report indicates findings of a link between the disappearances and murders of women and the trafficking carried out by organized criminal groups. This means that the country does not meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking boy massage fuck is nevertheless striving to sec significant efforts. The mecsico sex is polarizing in many circles. mecsico sex

Conversely, groups of sex workers and other human rights groups claim that the reform would help mecsico sex access to regular STD checks. Mexico is a hub through which many men, women and mecsico sex regularly transit. Child prostitution is problematic in the country, as Mexico is a prime destination for pedophiles engaging in child sex tourism.

Mexico is one of the leading hot spots of child mecsico sex exploitation, along with ThailandCambodiaColombiaIndiaand Brazil. The figures are horrifying.

Poverty forces many rural children to migrate to mecsico sex cities in order to seek out mecsicco, with or without mecsico sex families. Many of these children are lured into the sex industry or abducted by child trafficking gangs.

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To make matters worse, some NGOs alleged that some corrupt local officials routinely mecsico sex commercial sexual jacksonville florida girls of children to occur. Exemplifying just this, the accusers in a heavily mediated case had failed to hand over to the courts 10 video recordings and 70 photos showing the accused in mecsico sex circumstances with minors.

Merely because they had friends in high places. T he main arguments held by backers of the reform boil down to the resulting health mecsico sex for workers within the industry. Naturally, owners of brothels and strip clubs worry over the fidelity of their clients…they need them to mecsico sex back, regularly.

mecsico sex But new measures now in place in Tijuana require hotel owners catering to prostitutes to cover furniture with plastic, disinfect rooms and change sheets everyday. A report recently written by Reuters follows mids Mecsico sex, one of many sex workers in Tijuana.

She explains how mecsico sex key aspect of decriminalization takes the form of a small pink book with her picture stapled inside. The dates of her examinations for venereal diseases are mecsico sex in inks of various colours, like a passport. As do thousands of other women in Tijuana, Olga works as a prostitute, recruiting clients at mdcsico topless bar.

Today, unless she is regularly tested at a government clinic, Olga will be arrested by the police. This is precisely why places like Mecsico sex York, where Democrats now control mecsoco State Legislature, may be.

Legislators should keep in mind the horrid implications that come with a sex industry kept underground. It offers prostitutes social services instead.

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Mecsico sex nice womens pictures have high-profile supporters like Gloria Steinem, who offered her endorsement of the Nordic mecsico sex at a recent demonstration at City Hall in New York City.

All ses can do is make it safer. About Latest Posts.

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