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How to explain to your boyfriend you love him I Look For Sex

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How to explain to your boyfriend you love him

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You could even write him a love letter or poem to express your feelings. Your boyfriend will appreciate the work and dedication put into it.

Send him a thoughtful message during the day. Leave him a sticky note where you know he'll see it.

boyfrienc Matthew Vehon began writing professionally in He has been published on eHow and Answerbag, specializing in chemistry and technology topics. Vehon studies biochemistry and medicinal chemistry at Arizona State University.

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Matthew Vehon. But if you want to free yourself, you have to step up and be the one to say it.

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Here are 17 tips for how to tell your boyfriend you love. Think about the moment you tell him you love. In your mind, how to you picture it?

In bed? During dinner?

You may end up having an argument and then blurting it out accidentally. I told my boyfriend I loved him in a nightclub.

Did I want it to happen like that? But it felt right. If your friends or parents are pressuring you, ignore.

This is a really important tip for how to tell your boyfriend you love. If you two have a special restaurant that you both love to go to, or a park that you both like to read in, why not take him loe

Then you can tell loge how you feel. Well, a trip to Greece is a perfect way to tell him how you feel. So why not follow this tip for how to tell your boyfriend you love him?

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This is crucial. However, if he is noncommittal about your relationship, seems reluctant to boyfrend it into something serious or is only a friend at the moment, you should prepare yourself for a response you may not be hoping. Choose the right time and place to reveal your feelings.

It's best to do it when neither of you are in a hurry to be. Make sure you don't have a lot of distractions. If you are telling your boyfriend you love him, you may want to do it in a special place, such as the location of your first date or in your favorite private, romantic spot, such as at the local park or on the hollywood sex club.

Make it extra special by adding some thoughtful touches, according to the "Cosmopolitan" article "How to Say I Love You," such as champagne, a home-cooked meal or candles. Speak from the heart.